By Announcements

Thank you, gracias, merci, and danke schön for visiting the website! I am excited to offer a platform for self-exploration and self-discovery. The website is a living and breathing entity. There are a variety of offerings by me and different facilitators and artists from the spectrum of our humanity. Classes, workshops, and concerts may be offered only for a limited time. Announcements will be posted on the site. In other words, sign-up for the newsletter to find out what’s new on the platform.

There are three different “sessions”.

Session 1:  February 1 – March 31

Session 2:  May 1 – July 31

Session 3:  September 1 – November 30

In April, August, and December no classes will be offered. This gives everyone time to rest. Therefore, you can purchase Video On Demand! You’ll have access to classes, workshops, and ALL the music concerts that were recorded LIVE even if you didn’t attend them. However, some videos will be deleted when the new session begins. So, make sure you get a one-month Video On Demand membership.

Lastly, I look forward to having you in one of the classes, workshops, or concerts so you can experience the spectrum of your life.