Ancient Embodied Touch (Nashville, July 21-23)

Transform your life and those you touch!

This journey is designed to…

  • Shift your internal resonance affecting all those you touch.
  • Create new depths of listening through your body.
  • Open new emotional, physical, neural, and habitual pathways.
  • Deepen the relationship with yourself.
  • Open a reservoir of new massage “moves” that will become available to you.

Are searching for greater depth of meaning in your massage practice? Are you mechanically going through the motions of your massage therapy? Are you wanting a deeper connection with your clients and yourself? Then, come experience this workshop for massage practitioners & therapists of all levels. During our time together, we will turn the spotlight inward to explore your inner-self & connection to bodywork through “Indigenous World View” based principles. We will dive into these principles, which come from an ancient lineage of Hawaiian lomi lomi, through different embodiment exercises. As you live and embody these principles your life and massage techniques will begin to evolve and transform, which will lead to a greater healing of yourself and your clients.


  • Friday 07/21      (6pm – 10pm)
  • Saturday 07/22 (10am – 6pm)
  • Sunday 07/23    (10am – 6pm)


  • $595 USD
  • $500 USD Before June 20, 2023

Location: Nashville, TN (Venue TBD)

This experience will enhance what you already have and provide the space for new “moves” to arise out of you. That’s the beauty and Mystery of these principles. The more embodied you experience yourself the more possibilities can come through you in your massages and your life. There won’t be handouts, reading of books, or powerpoint presentations. Simply you, others around you, and the principles, which can be applied to any massage modality.

Different feelings, emotions, and thoughts may arise within you during the process. You will learn how to navigate them during the exercises and massages through the embodiment of the principles. This is a very integral part of the journey before you touch another person.

Please note that during the workshop you will NOT be able to use your cellphones until the end of each day. This is so you can be as present as possible during the workshop. If this presents an issue for you, and still want to participate, please contact me.

Say YES to this indigenous process as you experience your quality of touch, and yourself, in a brand new and embodied way.

Here’s a itinerary of a three-day workshop (subject to change)

DAY 1 Introduction
6pm – 10pm
Breathing & movement, Intro to “Indigenous World View”, Principle of ‘Ohana

DAY 2 Exploring the spectrum of yourself and touch
10am – 6pm
Intermediate breathing & movement, Introduction to Ancient Embodied Touch, Lunch,
Practicum, Principle of Internal Navigation, Practicum II

Day 3 Moving as One
10am – 6pm
Continuing breathing & movement, Ancient Embodied Touch, Lunch, Practicum III,
Principle integrating Indigenous World View, Final Practicum

Please bring the following items with you
1. Journal
2. Pen or Pencil
3. Pillow/Bolster
4. Water bottle
5. Massage table or Thai Mattress
6. Linens for 4 different practice sessions
7. Neutral oil or cream (no scents, please)
8. Clothing you don’t mind getting a little sweaty or oily in.
9. Support cushions/towels for your massage, if needed.

Pay by clicking the PayPal button and register at

Don’t hesitate to email or call, text, WhatsApp, iMessage, or Telegram me at +1(206)510-6334, if you have any questions. I will be in town the week of the workshop giving my ancient & therapeutic sessions. Go to for more information and to set up a session at a 20% discount for being a workshop participant.

Led by Gabriel, Ke Ala Hōkū (The Pathway to the Stars) Accredited Massage Practitioner. I am one of around 300 people in the world to offer the rare, Ancient Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, which embodies the “Indigenous World View” based principles, that was originally passed on by Kahuna Nui, Abraham Kawai’i Aua’ia Maka’i’ole ‘Uliama. I have led workshops, one-on-one tutorials, and online sessions in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand & USA.

25% refund: A 24-hour notice is required BY EMAIL.

50% refund: A 48-hour notice is required BY EMAIL.

75% refund: A 72-hour notice is required BY EMAIL.

This is a strict cancellation policy.

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